Single Stage Paint Correction

Special Offer for Spring 

This package is designed to thoroughly clean all areas of the vehicle, a single stage machine polish is then carried out to remove fine scratches and swirls, then it’s protected with Soft 99 products to give the paintwork a smooth, glossy, glass like finish. Using the right polish, pad and machine we can achieve outstanding results. The difference is unbelievable! The single-stage results vary on what the vehicle's paintwork is like.


What is involved

Takes a full day, Special spring offer of £250 instead of the normal price of £399, 

Larger vehicle's additional £50 to be added

  • Deluxe Valet 

  • Full decontamination process using chemicals & clay,

  • Wheels cleaned & decontaminated,

  • Fully blow dried

  • A single-stage paint correction treatment carried out using a rotary or DA machine polisher (dependant of paint type) to correct minor paint swirls/marks, minor hologram's, fine scratches, and oxidation sometimes found in vehicles,

  • Brings back the gloss & luster to your vehicles paintwork,

  • Improves the clarity and depths of your vehicles paintwork,

  • Removes between 60-70% of defects in your vehicles paintwork,

  • Soft 99 Fusso coat Wax applied to the paintwork 12 months protection

  • Tires dressed with Gyeon Q2M Tire Coating,

  • Glass protection applied

  • Exhaust Polished,